Sauda Fjord Camping has 18 cabins by the fjord with room for 4 to 6 people.

The apartment in Naustet is a great apartment for rent for 7 people. Here you can really enjoy the view.

At Sportellet we have a great apartment for 5 people, with a great patio and plenty of kitchen space.

Perfect accommodation for business, groups looking for social, straightforward and affordable accommodation.

Sauda Fjord Camping has a capacity of approx. 100 pitches for mobile homes/tents.

Terms and Additional Services

  • Bed linen 120 NOK per person and cleaning 500 NOK per cabin are charged extra at the reception if wished for.
  • Dogs must be registered before arrival, there is a fee of 100 NOK per dog per stay. FEE DOES NOT APPLY TO CAMPING. The following rules apply to dogs:
    – Dogs should not lie on the bed / sofa.
    – Dogs should not be left alone if possible.
    – Dogs must be kept on a leash.
    – Dog poop must be collected.
    – Dogs are not allowed in communal kitchens.
  • In order to obtain the NAF discount, all NAF members must, when ordering or arriving, state that they are NAF members and show a valid membership card. The discount does not apply to already discounted prices, electricity and seasonal agreement.
  • You need a valid ID document: ID, bank card with ID, passport, drivers license or similar. for check-in.
  • You can cancel free of charge up to 3 days before arrival. You will be charged the price of the first night if you cancel within 3 days before arrival. If you arrive after the booked time, for example a day after the day of arrival, you still have to pay the full amount.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the cancellation rule may become invalid. This does not apply in the event of illness or late arrival.

By making a reservation with us, you accept our rules and guidelines. If you do not agree with our rules and guidelines, you must independently cancel your reservation with us in subject to the cancellation rules.

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